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What We Offer

What is the Multifamily Accelerator about?

The Multifamily Accelerator is reality-based, group, and online training. I only train on what I do. With over $350,000,000 in development, multifamily and net lease transactions, I know what works. 

Weekly Mastermind

Join me every week for hands on guidance on each step of your deal-making journey. Gain knowledge on finding, underwriting, financing, offering, closing, and operating deals. Our live discussions and workshops will provide accountability measures to ensure your success.

Dynamic Partnerships

Real estate is a team sport! To win championships, it takes a strong team. You'll gain access to a network of the best lenders, advisors, attorneys, and accountants. I will connect you with and help you create your team to tackle BIG deals and achieve your investment goals.

Bulletproof System

Executing big deals requires a systematic approach that ensures nothing is overlooked. Using the Bulletproof Systematic Dealmaker Approach ensures efficiency and confidence. Customized frameworks & checklists cover every step so you can focus on high-level strategy.

Launch Guide

The guide will serve as your roadmap through the acquisition process and help you make informed decisions. By creating a solid business plan, you'll be able to articulate your investment strategy, and financial goals, and present a compelling case to lenders & investors.

Multifamily Collective

The community offers more than just a chance to network & share experience. You'll have access to a group of like-minded people committed to helping each other succeed. Whether you're looking for guidance, feedback, or inspiration, the community is your go-to place.

Guided Training

Gain a competitive edge with our comprehensive video training system, personally crafted by me. With our on-demand modules, you'll have the flexibility to learn at your pace. Our system caters to all skill levels, allowing you to pause, rewind and revisit topics to reinforce your knowledge.

If you’ve been searching for a way to get

This is it!

My name is Agostino with Bulletproof Cashflow. Together with my partners, we control over $350,000,000 of multifamily, development and commercial assets. In addition to investing in multifamily, I also help people buy multifamily buildings.

The Multifamily Accelerator is designed for those that want to break into the multifamily space while having experienced eyes assessing deals with you – side by side – and prevent costly mistakes.

But this is just the beginning…

The program trains you to select, underwrite, talk and sell yourself to brokers, get deal-specific advice, and to get you to take action!

Why Choose Us

So here’s a sneak peek of how it works

When we meet, you will get specific, actionable information and answers to your questions – all online and recorded so you can review anytime you want.

Here is a high-level view of what we will cover:

Understanding your “Why”

Defining your "why" means understanding your purpose and motivation for your goals, which can bring clarity and direction to your life. Refining your mindset and your personal vision helps you to stay focused and driven, even when faced with obstacles or setbacks.

Finding Properties

Finding deals requires a combination of market research, networking, and creativity. A well-planned strategy is essential to uncovering lucrative investment opportunities.


Experience is the best teacher, together we will underwrite hundreds of deals live. You will receive real-time feedback from experts, allowing you to make informed decisions, improve your skills and give you the knowledge and confidence to become a pro.


Elevate your negotiation skills with live coaching from an industry expert. Gain an edge in any situation as you learn to actively listen, prepare effectively, and communicate clearly. Master the art of negotiation and achieve optimal outcomes with Bulletproof Cashflow's expert training system.


Learn exactly what to look for to have an informed decision by learning how to inspect your next deal. With proper due diligence, you can identify potential risks, negotiate better deals, and maximize your returns while avoiding costly mistakes.

Legal Assistance

Secure your investment success by working with the best syndication attorneys in the country to structure your deal. With their expert guidance and support, you can ensure that your legal agreements and contracts protect your interests.


Discover the secrets to securing bank debt, raising equity, and financing your deals with my expert guidance and extensive network of lenders and industry professionals. Benefit from the same proven methods and connections I use every day to close profitable real estate deals.


I will help you seal the deal. With the right skills, knowledge, and guidance, you will navigate the closing process with confidence and achieve your investment goals.


Effective deal management is the key to successful real estate investing. Learn how to stay on top of every aspect of your deal, from an operations standpoint and set yourself up for long-term financial success.




Team Of Experts On Your Side

Agostino and the people he works with have completed real estate deals exceeding $350 million. You will have the connections to build out your A Player team to execute on deals to reach your goals.

A diverse team of experts provides a significant competitive advantage to growing your business. It is impossible for one person to be an expert in everything—therefore, we assembled an all-encompassing staff to support you as you navigate your deals.


The Accelerator

Student Collaboration

The Accelerator Community helps students collaborate, share experiences and provide additional guidance.

Mentoring & Support

The On-Demand Coaching System gives you access to expert advice whenever and wherever you need it. With a library of videos, worksheets and checklists available at any time of day or night—whether on your computer in the office or phone by the side of your bed—you can make sure that no business issue is ever forgotten about!

Group Chat & One-on-One Coaching Appointments

Our private group chat can be accessed day or night to address pressing questions to your deals. You will have full access to Agostino should you need to schedule a one-on-one appointment.

Deal Submission Review -

Consult with the group about your deal analysis, and let them look for possible errors. Calculating incorrectly or forgetting to consider all of the factors involved in a deal could cost you tens of thousands of dollars if it happens on a large scale.

Business Plan Feedback

Review your business plan with the group and create and improve your individual plan. You will use this plan to create the right strategy for pursuing opportunities that best achieve YOUR specific goals! It will also serve as your presentation document when you pursue funding from investors or other sources.

Business Review Checkpoints

Agostino will personally talk with you every week to discuss your progress, help you identify and overcome obstacles in your journey, and celebrate all that is going well.

Learn anytime
Implement from anywhere

Weekly Live Training & Coaching Webinar Classes

Q&A Coaching Calls

Agostino walks you through the fundamentals of closing deals live. We will discuss marketing campaigns (including how to talk with brokers), deal analysis and financing. Get your questions answered and work on real deals live!

Business Building and Business Growth Coaching Calls

Live business-building classes focus on developing your entrepreneurial skills and getting you to implement the factors that will drive your business forward the most.

Case Study" Training Classes

Learn from LIVE case studies! Accelerator students and guests will discuss the challenges they faced while running a deal, how they overcome those obstacles and what led to success.


Team Of Experts On Your Side

Customized Curriculum

We create a curriculum tailored to your needs and goals, drawing from our library of courses or creating new ones as needed. Our approach is not “one size fits all”; we will zone in on the building blocks you need for success

Intermediate & Advanced Investor Training Classes

After completing your customized curriculum and getting your real estate business up and running, you will have the foundation necessary to advance further in investment knowledge.

Action Plans & System Implementation

Learn from LIVE case studies! Accelerator students and guests will discuss the challenges they faced while running a deal, how they overcame those obstacles and what led to success. You won't find this kind of information anywhere else!


Action Plans & System Implementation

Weekly Action Plans

We help you organize and prioritize what needs to be done on a day-to-day basis. Our Weekly Action Plans are highly detailed so that you can effectively use your time and quickly implement systems in order to reach your goals.

Fundamental Systems & Course Materials

We provide all the resources and tools necessary for you to implement our action plan, including training modules, step-by-step videos and downloadable implementation checklists.


Fundamental Systems & Course Materials

The Accelerator is designed to equip you with the tools and knowledge necessary for building your own business. Throughout this experience, you will gain a deep understanding of how businesses operate as well as how deals are made in practice. You’ll learn how and why we divide the business into divisions, as well as how this approach allows us to more effectively leverage other people’s time and effort. The Accelerator provides a detailed breakdown of each component within our business model — so you can replicate it in yours.

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The Multifamily Accelerator is designed to make some great things happen in your life, by exposing you to new ways to underwrite a deal. I have already helped other people just like you get into deals and I’d like to do the same for you. 

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Meet the CEO

About Agostino

Agostino is the Founder and CEO of Bulletproof Cashflow where he applies nearly two decades of real estate experience to source, negotiate, and acquire commercial properties. He is a sought-after speaker for real estate events, MeetUps and media engagements around the globe.

He is the host of the Bulletproof Cashflow Podcast, a series highlighting topics every real estate investor should know to build their success, where he also brings experts on to teach and share their real-life experiences as investors, marketers and capital raisers, all of which can be found on Apple Music, YouTube and Facebook.

Agostino is passionate about real estate and enjoys sharing his knowledge with others. He also enjoys meeting with people one-on-one to understand their real estate goals, aspirations, and challenges. If you are an investor interested in real estate and would like to chat with him, connect with him on social media or send him an email.